Our Vision

This is what we live for. Our vision is the path that all RPGians collectively walk. It is a voyage that empowers every RPGian to overcome their limitations, shape the lives of others around them and together build an organization where dreams are not bound by fences. Happiness has always been intrinsic to our lives at RPG.

When your company gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore, there are no limit to how far you can go.

Amit Tolani,

Chief Executive – CEAT Specialty

Hello Happiness is a bold statement of confidence and purpose – a statement that helps us open our doors to a world of opportunities and possibilities; a statement that signifies our intent to touch and enrich the lives of others.

It is also a giant step towards becoming a truly happy organisation, where inspired employees take ownership and progress towards their greater purpose.

Ever since we embraced the philosophy a few years ago, we are sparing no effort to promote a culture and environment of happiness as a “way of life” at RPG Group. Besides a range of people-first policies, we have continued to work on different initiatives that promote the happiness of our people, investors, customers and the lesser privileged of the communities that we live in. Within the tenets of this ecosystem, our people are happily committed to a high-performance culture, empathy and customer delight.

For us at RPG, Hello Happiness is beyond just a statement. It is action-oriented to finding and achieving our purpose in life, both organisational and personal. It is a proud proclamation that we are an organisation where happy employees keep the interests of our stakeholders supreme, thus leaving a legacy for generations to come.


  • Respect

    The RPG employee respects our people, believes in them and values everybody’s contribution. She/he recognizes and capitalizes from the power of many, beyond any diversity and boundary.

  • Integrity

    The RPG employee behaves in an honest fair and ethical manner. She/he shows consistency in words and actions and models high standards of ethics.

  • Passion

    The RPG employee strives to do the best, goes the extra mile and strides tirelessly towards completing assignments. She/he works with contagious energy and enthusiasm.

  • Openness

    The RPG employee encourages an inclusive culture which enables collaborative effort to outperform.

I got the Chairman’s award, called the Top Gear Award within 2 years of joining the group. Here, if you have the merit and the spirit nothing else matters. You are acknowledged irrespective of the number of years spent in the organization or your entrant designation. You shine at RPG if you have it in you.

Dhara Katkoria,

Assistant Manager
Group Leadership Hiring
RPG Enterprises
  • Courage

    The RPG employee stands up for oneself and others, whenever required. She/he is not afraid to take responsibility and ownership for her/his actions. She/he inspires and motivates others to speak up and not get hindered in difficult situations. The RPG employee is bold and has an open mind and positive attitude.


  • Building a career starts with a strong foundation.

    Matshediso Pertunia Sedi

    2018 to forever an RPGian
  • Hoping for the future begins with being greatful for the past.

    Mum Taggu

    2017 to forever an RPGian
  • The confidence to achieve anything comes from a foundation that believed in you, no matter what.

    Raveesh Jaiswal

    2015 to forever an RPGian


  • From shared lunches to sharing knowledge

    Pooja Jaju Chandak

    2013 to forever an RPGian