Embracing Diversity with Open Arms

"Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance," Verna Myers. This sentiment permeates our very core at RPG. Here individuality triumphs over race, ethnicity, gender, physique and extends to the non-binary spectrum. Through purposeful actions and unwavering commitment, we nurture an environment where every voice is valued. We ensure fair opportunities, where merit and potential reign supreme, transcending any form of bias. By nurturing a culture of respect and understanding, we pave the way for a brighter and more harmonious future, where diversity remains our strength and inclusion our guiding light.

Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work

There is a direct relationship between mental health and workplace productivity. So you’ll not just find us talking about mental well-being, but embracing it like a secret weapon. Here you’ll find an environment where employees feel valued, supported and psychologically safe, which helps in cultivating positive emotions like happiness, contentment, and enthusiasm. Employee wellbeing, needless to say, is our key strategic imperative that turbocharges our productivity.

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo,
Choose Your Role as You Go.

At RPG, your talent, intent and aspirations will always merge into reality. Here, we prefer to believe in your innate abilities, than your immediate past experience. RPGians explore different roles, learn daily, and grow into tomorrow's leaders. Across functions, across locations and geographies, and across businesses. Your journey with us is about becoming who you aspire to be.

RPG grows on you. It’s been my one and only employer in my career of 27 years. The place supports, inspires and always offers options for you to choose from, so much so, that you are in the driver’s seat, choosing what’s best for your career. With a culture that respects and helps you acknowledge your own strength, you simply become the best version of yourself.

Sumita Chandani,

Head - Group Events
RPG Group

Diverse Landscape: Your Path to Enriched Growth

Distinctly diverse businesses form the RPG Group, each of which offer unparalleled opportunities. For an aspiring professional, this translates to a multifaceted journey of learning and enriching experiences. You'll work across a spectrum of industries, and gain knowledge that transcends boundaries. Diverse challenges will nurture your adaptability and broaden your skill-sets. The vibrant ecosystem of RPG encourages personal growth as you engage with varying perspectives, nurturing your professional evolution. Join us to embark on a transformative voyage, where every step fuels your expertise, shapes your character, and paves your way to a remarkable future.

Fostering Innovation - Empowering Creative Growth

Our continuous pursuit of progress fuels imaginative solutions across diverse areas. At the heart of this lies a culture that thrives on diverse thinking. This culture of creative thought thrives on initiatives that inspire and invigorate. Our annual Innovation Festival gathers 6000+ participants, a dynamic stage for 100+ projects and case studies, a testament to RPGians who dare to reshape the norm.

After leaving RPG when I decided to change my current job, I thought why not head back to a place that had my vibe and was my tribe. A place where MY happiness was their core agenda! And I headed back home.

Apoorva Chaudhary,

Business Analyst Zensar South Africa

Nurturing Talent through Learning

We believe one must form a general habit of consciously being aware of oneself – finding the true purpose of existence, identifying personal goals, aligning professional aspirations, and self-awareness. Finding ways to bridge the gaps through developmental paths is essential. None of us change simply because we’ve received constant feedback from our seniors. When there’s an ambition to grow within us, learning becomes intrinsic. Learning strengthens our mental immunity. We grow on our own, but as we mature physically, we need to support our mental growth. The Learning & Organizational Development team exists at RPG with the sole purpose of nurturing learning in every RPGian. What we do here is not just a job on paper, we have poured our brain, heart, and soul into this, and continue to, every day, as our habit! Whatever stage of your career you may be in, you will find carefully designed learning and developmental program that you will be able to use for your personal and professional development.

RPG’s Organizational Training and Development spans across 4 Verticals

Leadership Development

  • Helping to create a succession pipeline for CEOs and CXOs
  • Facilitating leadership transitions via leadership development journeys


  • Strengthening the demonstration of RPG leadership capabilities and values
  • Ensuring Groupwide enabling learning systems, cutting edge process and resources

Top Talent

  • Strengthening the ecosystem to identify develop engage and retain top talent group

Organizational Development

  • Making RPG a Happier workplace by implementing its brand promise of Hello Happiness
  • Being an employer of choice
  • Building high performance teams